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Chucky: The Doll Killer

Ah.. The good old Chucky. So classic and retro. A perfect movie for the weekends, don't ya think.  If I simply call out Chucky's name I'm pretty sure a lot of people will still remember this doll as their childhood nightmare.

Of course, who wouldn't. We are talking about doll that got up on their own, speak own their own, bleed on their own and even creep on you at night to seek for your soul. I remember having my nightmares with my barbie doll. I end up throwing my doll away from my sight but when I found her, she looks like a completely fucked up doll who was gonna take my soul away. It was probably from all the makeup session we had in the old days.

Here are the movies of Chucky. It has 6 movies. I somehow wish that this movie will go on again. Not to mention it is way better than Annabelle and The Boy.
Basically, Chucky is about a criminal who got killed by a police officer named Detective Noris. Before he died, he transferred himself into one of the Good Gu…

Real Ghost Story: The Only Dark Path

One night, I was going to the dinning hall for supper. I was walking alone in the dark path. The lights usually was turn on during night but not that night. The path was the only shortcut to the dinning hall. I am used to that path with light, walking alone on the path wasn't a big deal to me until that night. I thought nothing was going to happen. The school hostel has two buildings and between them is the school building. It's pitch dark at night. Everyone was scared to use it accept me. I told myself that everything was gonna be fine. So that night, I hummed a song that was in my brain while I was walking through. I always do this so I can gain courage in myself. As I reached the center of the path, something-hand like grabbed my left leg. I can feel it grabbing it with not much strength but still it was holding on to me. I didn't see anything. It was dark but I know there were something there that I could not see with my naked eyes. I tried to pull my leg, pulling…