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An Unwelcome Trip

I am flying to Kelantan today. I don't know how I got involved in this. I mean I would totally be fine if dad or any of siblings are coming with me. But no. I am going to leave alone. I could had sad no in the first place before it dragged me in this situation. Why, Aimi?

I am nervous and in the same time,I'm scared. Of course, I do have some experience with going on an aeroplane but not have I ever been alone to ride it. The airport is so big I might miss my plane if I recklessly get lost or something. Yeah, what if I get lost? What if I miss the plane?
My plane is at 1 pm so I have to leave home at 10.30 am. I haven't done packing my stuffs and can't decide what to bring and not to bring. You know what, I'll just google it later.
I am so not ready for this trip. I woke up with a sore throat and my nose is clogged. I went downstairs saw my mom was in a rush preparing some food. My dad was also rushing trying to make himself his tea. Mom told me to help her peal t…

Semester One, Group Section 710

I don't want to sleep yet and I am not being all emotional tonight. I just want to drop some memories here before I start a new one in a few more days which I am not going to count because I careless about that. Most of my class during my semester one in CFS IIUM was section 710. I only got three classes that weren't the same code. I like the number very much. '7' means GOT7, '1' means as one and '0' means or nothing. Isn't that such a meaningful number? I might use it as my life motto now. Just kidding. I like the number because if all of my classes had the same number I won't be so confused during my final examinations or when I have to write down an entry form. During the tests, I had to take a lot of peeks of my examination slip just to make sure I won't send my papers to the wrong section. Consequently, I will not get my MARKs! Haha. I am so sorry for being such a trash.
Anyway, here are some photos that I want to cherish it here.

¡Estoy hablando español porque Chiquititas 2000!

I am currently on my semester 1 break and eventually doing nothing at home. I have been my laptop for like hours. Haven't eaten too. I'll grab something to eat later after finishing this post. I am studying Spanish. Not that I'm taking Spanish class or a private tutor. I am just using Duolingo. It is very fun but I keep on forgetting the words and spellings. And in my opinion, French is easier than Spanish. Ugh! I keep on  messing up but I will try my best to learn them.
(short on some people but that's okay)
So funny story how I suddenly wanted to learn Spanish language. I started talking gibberish in Spanish like two weeks ago, after my final examination. My friends keep on telling me to shut up LOL. You know how influential the story is until you start to speak their language. For example, most people who watch K-dramas will also try to learn Hangul and use it in their daily life such as; saranghae, andwae and eotteokhae.
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with this …