Semester One, Group Section 710

I don't want to sleep yet and I am not being all emotional tonight. I just want to drop some memories here before I start a new one in a few more days which I am not going to count because I careless about that. Most of my class during my semester one in CFS IIUM was section 710. I only got three classes that weren't the same code.
I like the number very much. '7' means GOT7, '1' means as one and '0' means or nothing. Isn't that such a meaningful number? I might use it as my life motto now.
Just kidding. I like the number because if all of my classes had the same number I won't be so confused during my final examinations or when I have to write down an entry form. During the tests, I had to take a lot of peeks of my examination slip just to make sure I won't send my papers to the wrong section. Consequently, I will not get my MARKs!
Haha. I am so sorry for being such a trash.

Anyway, here are some photos that I want to cherish it here.

This picture was taken on the first third or fourth day of classes if I can recall it.

This picture was taken right after our last paper which was the Introduction of Statistics. I hate statistics btw. Can't help it. Just hope it won't ruin my result later.

Ugh! Just look at me looking at them with my judging face.

Just kidding!
 I love them all. I was fasting that day and had just wished that I could had ran back to my room and starve. But I wanted to have a nice closure with everyone so I decided to come.
And to my surprise, everyone in the class actually likes me. What a pleasant thing to know. I hope to meet more people like them in my life. Thank you for making this semester possible to get through.

Gracias a todos


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