An Unwelcome Trip

I am flying to Kelantan today. I don't know how I got involved in this. I mean I would totally be fine if dad or any of siblings are coming with me. But no. I am going to leave alone. I could had sad no in the first place before it dragged me in this situation. Why, Aimi?

I am nervous and in the same time,I'm scared. Of course, I do have some experience with going on an aeroplane but not have I ever been alone to ride it. The airport is so big I might miss my plane if I recklessly get lost or something. Yeah, what if I get lost? What if I miss the plane?

My plane is at 1 pm so I have to leave home at 10.30 am. I haven't done packing my stuffs and can't decide what to bring and not to bring. You know what, I'll just google it later.

I am so not ready for this trip. I woke up with a sore throat and my nose is clogged. I went downstairs saw my mom was in a rush preparing some food. My dad was also rushing trying to make himself his tea. Mom told me to help her peal the potato. Then, mom makes all of my sisters to wake up to do some chores before they went back to sleep.

You should had seen it. It was so chaotic. I guess, we all had woken up on  the wrong side of the bed. Or maybe I am just dreaming this. I'll wake up in a few more minutes.


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