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I'm Going to UIAM

The UPU result finally came out and guess where am I heading to now? No, not UPSI. I got English Language foundation at IIUM.
Yes, IIUM.
 Probably in Petaling Jaya. Idk because I can’t find any information that says which IIUM I will be going to. My sister told me that it is in Petaling Jaya. Hopefully it is in Petaling Jaya because I already paid for the entrance fee at Bank Muamalat in Seremban and also created a bank account there.
(This is my best friend from primary school. We were finally united for two weeks.)
Since I confirmed myself that I will be going to UIAM, the teacher at my school said that I can’t come to school anymore. Well that was the end of my life as a form six student. It happened so fast. I really like going to school again. It is so bored to stay home and do chores. Internet is not fun if you don’t have friends. You can label me as forever alone by now. I made so many friends in form 6 already. It was so painful to walk off like that.
A lot people I know will be re…

Art? Business? Account? What??

Today is the 4th day of my form six orientation, we were doing a team project on art lesson. The objective was to create a new technology that will be appearing in 2020. It took awhile for us to actually come out with a brilliant idea.
After a few while, I suddenly thought of something. It was a watch that can do both; make up and clothing. It also a high security watch that can only be open by the owner. If anyone who tries to steal it, it will automatically cut off the person's hand. Yes, I know. That's insane but that was Aiman's idea. He wanted to do a stadium in the first place. idk.

I find art so relaxing and interesting. I always wanted to do art major ever since I was a child. I always get A's in art lesson. It's sad how my parents think that art is only for those who don't want to study anymore. My parents want me to take business course. In another hand, the teacher from that school forced me to take account since I already have basic account but…

Happy 'No-one-know-I-exist' Day

Today is 9th May 2016. Which means it's my birthday day! Yeay.

Everyone has their own birthday and it only comes once a year. What other perfect way to celebrate your birthday than sharing your birthday cake with other people. As an addition, mouth watering foods like sushi (they are my favorite). Don't forget the birthday gifts. Celebrating your birthday with other people such you family members or friends is the best way to feel special on this occasion.
As for me, I have been receiving wishes from my acquaintances and family members but no cake yet. My parents are really busy so they didn't have the time to go out tonight. I planned my everything in my mind already. We should go out tonight to eat something, maybe sushi.. maybe. Then, I'll go surprise mom with a cake that I will buy it with my money. Then we can celebrate mothers' day too.We did not celebrate mother's day yesterday because dad was in the hospital. Don't worry. He's not sick.


KKS Syndrome

I've been living for 18 years and I think I have been suffering from the same disease that has been occurring me since birth maybe? I call this the 'KKS' syndrome. 
KKS syndrome is actually a shorter form for "Kurang kasih sayang", which means one who has not been receiving enough love. It doesn't care from whoever it is. It can be from your family, friends or even your crush. The only cure is to hug someone you trust for 10 seconds. It can make you feel like home but it is only temporary.
Since you all know that I am a loser of level ten, I had to struggle to fight it. I don't really have friends back in the days. I remember I was bullied mentally in my dorm when I was 14 years old. I hated everyone. I tried badly to be known by people in my school so people will show some respect to me. I achieved that when I was 16 years old.

Living for my SPM life was hard. The only place for me to hang on was my friends. I was really glad that I have such a supporti…

First day as a Form 6 student

Last night was a bit shocking since mom told me that I should be registering for form 6 tomorrow morning. It was late already and I had to search all the documents that was informed in the offer letter which I also printed it before I went to sleep.  I got agama course which I don't find any interest in that so I wanted to change the course. The lower six at my old school was transferred to Forest Height which double the problem in my life. Mom thinks that SMK Dato' Mohd Said will be the best place for me to take my form 6 year since she could just drop me down beside the road on her way to work.
First day doesn't seem so bad. Lucky me that my old friend from primary school, Fitriah, was there too. She showed me a lot of things. The best part about this school is it reminds me of SMK Dato' Sheikh Ahmad so much. I believe that the buildings, and the pupil are much likely the same but not the food. They have onigiri and ice blended. I was like wtf. That's so co…

Refreshing Blog

Hi, Well this awkward.. because I haven't been blogging for such a long time and starting new blog after a long time period is really weird. I finished school and got really bored. It felt like I had discovered all the web in the internet so I need something I can stick with it, something that can lit up my boring day so decided to go back to my blog. Yeah, just like the old days.
If you were wondering, "she could just play twitter, tumblr, chat with friends and watch movies. I could die to do that by now". Hey, it's not my fault that I don't know how to use tumblr and I deleted my old twitter and make a new one but I forgot how to use it and all my friends are always busy, and I don't.. really.. watch movies. I found it boring to watch it alone. I can only survive watching something under 20 minutes. That's my limit.

So I was like, let's improvise this blog. Up here is what my old blog looks like. If you can see there were no post at all.  I was a l…