My Motto: 'The sky has no limit thus you should always mark the highest cloud to tell them you were once there'.

Life is a very difficult journey. In order to survive one must be positive and be prepare for the storms and the hurricanes that was fated to come in your way. Despite of that, there are also rainbows and sunshine along the way to keep you strong and motivated. Thus, most people choose to have their own motto or inspirational words or phrases that they hold onto to accompany them in their journey.

I decided I should share with the people my motto in this entry. According to my memo, I created this phrase on 6th April 2017 which is this year. 'The sky has no limit thus you should always mark the highest cloud to tell them you were once there'. From the phrase, I can tell that people can easily understand the hidden message because the meaning is pretty general. But I'm going to explain it anyway.

I purposely use this as my motto because I want to remind myself that I can do better in whatever I do if I just put my faith and effort to it. 'The sky has no limit' represent the world we live today and how infinity big the chances that we still haven't figure out or surpass it yet. To me it is like a reminder that says 'time is short but you still have a lot to do. So where shall we start?'. Among everything in this world, you get to choose what you want to do. Your wise decision would probably bring you to your goals.

The next one is, 'thus always mark the highest cloud' which means in everything you do put your best effort and if you could make a bomb out of it, do it. The bomb that I mentioned is not an actual bomb but its a symbolise the result or the income of whatever you decide to do. In another way it also means be creative and critical in the same. Make sure the things that you do will stand out among the others so yours can shine brighter. This will eventually help you get the obtain the best of your goals.

And the last one, 'to tell them you were once there'. This phrase is connected to the second part where when you are able to produce something out of this world, something no one has ever done it before, there is a greater chance that you can attract the attention of others. And probably when you're gone from the face of the earth, people will still remember and appreciate for your contribution and what you have left them with. You will be remember by the people around you as one of the greatest people, maybe among your family members or maybe among the society or maybe even worldwide. 

You will never know what is coming because sometimes the journey can be predictable but most of the time its not. Hence, even the smallest thing you can do can make the biggest change for the others.


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