Happy 'No-one-know-I-exist' Day


Today is 9th May 2016. Which means it's my birthday day! Yeay.

Everyone has their own birthday and it only comes once a year. What other perfect way to celebrate your birthday than sharing your birthday cake with other people. As an addition, mouth watering foods like sushi (they are my favorite). Don't forget the birthday gifts. Celebrating your birthday with other people such you family members or friends is the best way to feel special on this occasion.

As for me, I have been receiving wishes from my acquaintances and family members but no cake yet. My parents are really busy so they didn't have the time to go out tonight. I planned my everything in my mind already. We should go out tonight to eat something, maybe sushi.. maybe. Then, I'll go surprise mom with a cake that I will buy it with my money. Then we can celebrate mothers' day too.We did not celebrate mother's day yesterday because dad was in the hospital. Don't worry. He's not sick.

This is a picture of me and my junior. I like her. She is very charming indeed. We were born on the same day so that probably makes us twin or something. I am dying for a slice of cake!


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