First day as a Form 6 student


Last night was a bit shocking since mom told me that I should be registering for form 6 tomorrow morning. It was late already and I had to search all the documents that was informed in the offer letter which I also printed it before I went to sleep. 
I got agama course which I don't find any interest in that so I wanted to change the course. The lower six at my old school was transferred to Forest Height which double the problem in my life. Mom thinks that SMK Dato' Mohd Said will be the best place for me to take my form 6 year since she could just drop me down beside the road on her way to work.

First day doesn't seem so bad. Lucky me that my old friend from primary school, Fitriah, was there too. She showed me a lot of things. The best part about this school is it reminds me of SMK Dato' Sheikh Ahmad so much. I believe that the buildings, and the pupil are much likely the same but not the food. They have onigiri and ice blended. I was like wtf. That's so cool! I heard someone throwing a firecracker from the corridor which reminded me how lovely was my school with stupid kids throwing firecracker from the third floor.
I do miss that.

For the group project, my group had already created Whatsapp group chat and they have been discussing about the group tittle like forever. I gave up already and just going to see what this people will come up with. Plus, I'm such a dork for accidentally volunteered myself to represent my group for the public speaking. I could have just shut my mouth with a zipper. That would had be even better.

Sentence of the today;

"I can't believe I'm going back to school!"


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