Art? Business? Account? What??


Today is the 4th day of my form six orientation, we were doing a team project on art lesson. The objective was to create a new technology that will be appearing in 2020. It took awhile for us to actually come out with a brilliant idea.

After a few while, I suddenly thought of something. It was a watch that can do both; make up and clothing. It also a high security watch that can only be open by the owner. If anyone who tries to steal it, it will automatically cut off the person's hand. Yes, I know. That's insane but that was Aiman's idea. He wanted to do a stadium in the first place. idk.

I find art so relaxing and interesting. I always wanted to do art major ever since I was a child. I always get A's in art lesson. It's sad how my parents think that art is only for those who don't want to study anymore. My parents want me to take business course. In another hand, the teacher from that school forced me to take account since I already have basic account but I love art so much.

The counselor at the school advised the students, in case they got the course that they wanted from UPU,  then they should go but if they don't, they are welcome more to stay. I have seen the pros and cons. If I take form 6; it is more cheaper, shorter term and that is one year and a half, less students mean easy to focus. But I won't be going for the course that I wanted in the local university. If I take UPSI; I'll be going to university, I'll get the course that I want but it's more expensive, it takes 3 years for diploma only and more struggles.

I'm in a dilemma. I just hope I'll get UPSI so I won't regret for choosing the wrong course in form 6.

What do you think? Leave a comment below if only you are reading this before 16th May 2016.


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