I'm Going to UIAM

The UPU result finally came out and guess where am I heading to now? No, not UPSI. I got English Language foundation at IIUM.

Yes, IIUM.

 Probably in Petaling Jaya. Idk because I can’t find any information that says which IIUM I will be going to. My sister told me that it is in Petaling Jaya. Hopefully it is in Petaling Jaya because I already paid for the entrance fee at Bank Muamalat in Seremban and also created a bank account there.

(This is my best friend from primary school. We were finally united for two weeks.)

Since I confirmed myself that I will be going to UIAM, the teacher at my school said that I can’t come to school anymore. Well that was the end of my life as a form six student. It happened so fast. I really like going to school again. It is so bored to stay home and do chores. Internet is not fun if you don’t have friends. You can label me as forever alone by now. I made so many friends in form 6 already. It was so painful to walk off like that.

A lot people I know will be registering to their university in this month. Mine like three weeks more. I have ample of time to study for APT, EPT and also FKT; Arabic replacement test, English replacement test and fardu ain.

I have to struggle again. Just like SPM. You can do it, Aimi.


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